Financial Information


Financial Information

In accordance with the Transparency Code for smaller authorities the following financial information is published: Fixed Asset Register, Annual Income and Expenditure Analysis, Bank and Cash Reconciliation Report and the Annual Return Report which contains a Signed Statement of Accounts, an Explanation of Significant Variances, the Annual Governance Statement and the Signed Internal Audit Report

Public Rights to Inspect 2016/17

Public Right to Inspect; Copy of Annual Review of Governance and Financial Statements for Year End March 2017 have now been approved by the External Auditor; the final governance and accounting statements (Sections 1 – 3) are displayed below:

Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement

Section 2 – Annual Governance Statement

Section 3 – Annual Governance Statement

Fixed Asset Register

Public Rights to Inspect 2015/16

Public Rights to Inspect; Copy of Annual Review currently with the External Auditor; Until the Audit is approved, the Review is subject to change…

Annual Review

Notice of Exercise of Public Right to inspect

Declaration that Accounting Statements are subject to change…