Studland Parish Council


About Studland Parish Council

Parish Councils were set up by statute in 1894 to provide government for people at local level and to attempt to address their local problems.

Studland Parish Council consists of nine councillors, each elected to serve for four years, one of whom is the Chairman and another of whom is the Vice-Chairman. Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected at the first Council Meeting (or Annual Meeting) in May. Casual Vacancies on the Council are advertised in the Council’s notice-cases.

The Council meets each month, on a Monday, in the Village Hall at 7.30p.m. Notice of meetings and the full agenda of the items to be discussed are posted in the Council’s notice-cases (one in the village centre, almost opposite the Studland Stores, the other in the centre of Acton) and also on this website. At each meeting time is set aside for public discussion, when any parishioner may ask questions or air concerns or grievances.

All Development Plans within the parish are displayed in the Village Hall from 6.30pm on the evening of the Council Meetings, with a sheet for public comments. The plans are then considered by the Council’s Planning Committee at 7.0p.m. on the same day in the Village Hall, during which meeting members of the public may state their opinions about the plans.

 You are welcome to visit the Clerk by appointment. The Clerk’s telephone (which has an answering-machine) is 01929 425100.

Members of the public are welcomed at parish council meetings although they may not speak at the meetings except during the period set aside for them, as announced by the chairman.